The Confident Money Making Entrepreneur
Step into that unstoppable bad-ass boss that is dying to rise and be a success.
Surely You're Utterly Sick And Tired Of Why You Aren't Where You "Should" Be?
Well, You Don't Have To Be...
Not anymore. 
Self-sabotage, imposter syndrome, comparing yourself to others, insecurity, procrastination, struggle, being exhausted, worried about what others think, doesn't bring in a consistent flow of money into your bank account
It's almost like it's taking money out of your account. Am I right?

I know exactly how you're feeling...
*You can't seem to do anything right in your business and you're left wondering WHY HAVEN'T I started making money like they said I would be?

*You have taken literally 20 million courses on growing your business, (from people who are making millions) and somehow you are still here, in the same spot, starting to feel like you don't have what it takes to succeed.

* You show up here and there and you KNOW you should be showing up more but you haven't, and you can't put your finger on why... and going LIVE scares the crap out of you.

*You're actually not sure what to talk about to your audience anymore, and you post more out of obligation than anything.

*Every action you take seems to get crickets from a response, and you are starting to really consider throwing in the towel. Even though you have jumped around from niche to niche and business idea to business idea.

*You know your attitude and mindset are shitty and no matter what TEDtalk or personal development book you dive into... nothing is helping.

*You're so sick and tired of being frustrated, unfocused, and now the rest of your life is starting to suffer.

It's time to wake up and ask yourself the hard honest question...
If you're serious about making your business work for you,
then you need to make some CLEAR decisions that light your soul on fire
and act on them.

Stop waiting for a sign. Stop playing around.
Stop holding your breath. Stop playing Nice.
And for the love, STOP PEOPLE PLEASING.

You have been awakened to the potential of your greatness...
started diving into entrepreneurship, but can't over your self-doubt, and trying to do everything perfectly.

This is what is actually holding you back.

When are you going to own up to the unlimited potential you are?

Believing in your abilities and capabilities, that YES you can really have EVERYTHING you want.

There is no message in the sky that will finally give you permission to be yourself.

No marketing strategy can fix your busted insecure mindset.

Your successful business is literally around the corner.

Hey There! I'm Lyndsay Chollak, 
the turn fear into your assets,
 Business and Mindset Coach for entrepreneurs who are sick and tired of playing small.

I'm here to wake you up to the fire that is within you to step into your god-given success already.

If you are not confident, focused and obsessed with what you're doing your bank account will be empty and your heart will be left unfulfilled.

The magic is within you when you DECIDE to own what you are here to do and go after, with confidence what you really and truly desire.

When this happens, the consistent income, customers and clients start rolling in from all directions.
That feeling that you've made it, that things are flowing and your business is finally working.

It happens when you decide with every fibre of your being and go after doing what naturally makes you confident, what makes you, you.

"You are an absolute blessing Lyndsay, and for all, you have done so far and will continue to do from afar, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. You are just phenomenal. You understand me explicitly. "
Alanna L - Health Coach
"Lyndsay is brilliant. Mindset is her sweet spot. As someone who also works with entrepreneurs, this is needed. Having someone like Lyndsay that specializes in Mindset is essential."
Melanie Scott - Business Coach + Podcaster
Let’s break it all down.
Here's what you're really getting...
The Program:

The Confident Money Making Entrepreneur is a self-study program for female entrepreneurs who want to step into the confidence and momentum that they have been waiting for that makes consistent money while aligning their true desires, vision and gifts. 

It covers the 5 most important mindset pieces required to turn on to create an unstoppable fire to show up and share your expertise to stand out from the crowd, to constantly make money daily by being you.

If you want to get super clear on:

How to stay laser-focused on what actually brings in money so you aren't left feeling exhausted everyday with anything left to show for it.

How to stop excuses, victim mentality, and fear from showing up and shining in your business, EVERY SINGLE DAY. How to confidently stop giving in, giving too much, and define powerful and magnetic boundaries that leave no wiggle room for failure.

How to show up as the REAL YOU with no apologies that get you noticed, and start having clients come to you.How to manifest and step into the women inside you who have already made it, and is just waiting for you to believe in yourself already.

Then the Confident Money Making Entrepreneur program is for you - it covers all the non-negotiable mindset bases for slaying it in your business.

It is a program for both entrepreneurs who are just starting and seasoned entrepreneurs who are making shifts and changes in their business who need a mindset rewiring to bust through the glass ceiling they have places on themselves.

Stop taking a back seat to life, 
When It Is All In Your Mind.

What's included?
5 Detailed, step by step mindset shifting trainings that will cover all the foundations that you need to create an unbreakable mind where NOTHING and NO ONE can hold you back from your success. (value $597)

Training 1, Who are you? 
You'll learn how to define the badass boss that lives inside you, show up as her and have others flock to you wondering, "What is her secret?"Yes, we will be going into stepping into your authentic self in a jaw-dropping, tear-jerking, soul-singing way. 
You know, the one where your parents told you was too much, and you needed to tone it down.

Training 2, 
What is in your head?
You'll learn what is happening in your brain that is keeping you small and limited, and FINALLY, kick it to the curb and NEVER GO BAD TO THAT PITIFUL PATTY EVER AGAIN.

Training 3, What keeps you on fire?
You'll learn how to hone your real "why", your passion, your intention, and focus it in ways that will always and forever lead to your success.
This is a game-changer, will keep you grounded, and energized.

Training 4, 
Why you need to say "No!"
You'll learn how doing everything, is producing nothing and how to effectively set up boundaries that will prevent you from ever struggling emotionally, energetically, and spiritually again.

Training 5, 
Why you are actually fearful.
You'll learn tactics on fear that will turn it into your friend, and never be a prisoner of your mind again. How to start living outside of your comfort zone, and be able to push your limits as far and as quickly as you want you.

Bonus 1: Meditations (value $197):
*Living in an abundance state
*Stepping into your Higher (authentic self)
*Eliminating Fear and Doubt
*Calling in cash and wealth (which is your natural state)

Bonus 2: Money Making Calendar (value $97):
30 days of action steps that lead only to your success.

Bonus 3: How to get into, and stay in a flow state Video.
(value at $57)

Bonus 4: Breaking the anger and sadness cycle training (value $197)
All of you experience this and it leads to destructive behaviour.
How to catch it and shift it faster than you can say, "skittles."

Bonus 5: 3 Day Challenge, "Feast and Famine... F$%@ OFF!" (value $197)
The real reason your bank account looks like a roller coaster ride at Six Flags, and it has nothing to do with your marketing.


"No BS."

Lyndsay keeps it real. One of the most straight forward people I know. Very refreshing. If Lyndsay says she is going to do something, only a small global crisis will stop her. 
The absolute most generous soul I’ve ever met. 

Laurie B -  Calgary, AB Canada

"Lyndsay is a person whose super-power helped me find mine."

 Through our many talks she helped me out of the recesses of dysfunctional family challenges and helped me learn to speak my mind. Her respect for my thoughts and her understanding of the depths of my pain, gave me the courage to speak and write more. I am a NYC restaurant critic writing for an on-line publication. I owe the trust in my voice and ability to write my thoughts as I see fit to Lyndsay’s talent as a brilliant nurturer of my dreams as they gradually unfolded.
Pam - NYC, NY
Ready to shift into gravity-defying confidence and make consistent money in 2021?

One Payment of $397

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